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This Saturday, Oct. 12 from 4-7, please join me and my very good friends at the Wildlife Learning Center for their annual Safari Social and help raise funds for their wonderful organization. The Safari Social, held at WLC in Sylmar, CA, will raise money to care for the many wild animals that act as animal ambassadors at the center, educating the public about wildlife conservation. In fact, WLC has just been honored with a "Best in LA" Award from LA Weekly!

I will be there to hang out, chat, and sign stuff. I'd love to see you there! This small zoo offers a chance to see many exotic animals up close and much more personal than your average zoo. And at fundraisers like the Safari Social, you get the special opportunity to actually interact with many of these animals! You can pet a fennec fox, feed a porcupine or meet a sloth! Plus, My Little Pony fans will get to see the special animals named for MLP characters Angel, Tank and Owlycious! To see the kinds of animals you'll get to see, click here.

Those who've been following me for the last few years may know what WLC is all about, but in case you don't, here's my little spiel:

The Wildlife Learning Center  in Sylmar cares for a few dozen wild and exotic animals and treats them as "ambassadors" to help teach the public about wildlife conservation. What is so wonderful about WLC, is that many of the animals in there care are rescues. Many were illegally kept as pets and were either turned over or turned in to WLC for proper care. Others were animals born in the wild, but injury or acclimation to humans kept them from being able to survive in their natural habitats. Still others were exotic pets who grew too large or otherwise difficult to care for by their original owners. Without WLC, all of these rescued animals would be seriously ill or dead.

As a non-profit organization, WLC relies on the public to raise the funds they need to give these amazing animals the care they need, from proper nutrition and habitats to the best veterinary care. Coming for a visit will not only be fun, it will be for a good cause!

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Lauren Faust
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I write and I draw, but at the end of the day, I'm mostly a story teller and character creator. You may know me best as Creative Steward and Executive Producer of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I was also a story artist on Powerpuff Girls and the head writer on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. My DA page tends to be rather quiet, but it mostly features things I used to do when I had time to work on personal projects like designing dolls and stuff.


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AnnaRarityXD Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
hello lauren 
SchizophrenicSurs Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
:iconlupisvulpes: and you should work together one of these days, you're both great artists/animators (I'm pretty certain you animate)
Gamaray89 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with you OMG! they would be such great animators!
LightningSnowflake Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
Oh my gosh! :D HELLOHELLOHELLOHELLO! :'''D I'am a graaaaaaand fan of MLP:FiM! :D

And I will create a comic of MLP: Fim! Moon ^ - ^ Oh, and a suggestion, I respect you but I think you should add a little bit of "party" as the villains Nigthmare Moon, when the beat Celestia, Nightmare was not much of him, as the defeated and would steal the crown and asjadahda: P I just hope more excitement to the series: 3

*-* I love MLP *-*
Nuclearzeon2 Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
She doesn't work on the show anymore. She quit in April 2011.
EmLiminator Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  New member
Hi, Lauren Faust. I just wanted to say hi. Im not intentionaly coming to bug you about your show so yeah... I just wanted to say hi.
Stormfur14 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AHHH PONY CREATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nuclearzeon2 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hello, Lauren.

I'm sure you don't check this account very often, being a busy woman and all. And I can see there's a bunch of other people commenting as well, so my comment will most likely be buried in the sea of comments other people are posting. In short, it's doubtful you'll ever see this. But if you do, I have this to say.

I can't believe I've been enjoying the show for almost three years! I first started watching it in December 2011, and was a huge closet brony. It felt like my own little private thing that only I knew about. Then I told my family members a few months later, and now my mom is buying me pony stuff all the time!

You're the person who taught us that girly =/= lame, and I give you much credit.

Sad that you had to leave the show shortly after you started it. I hope you're having fun on your current projects, especially that Medusa movie, which I'll be watching when it comes to theaters.

And don't worry! The current showrunners are handling your series just fine! There have been a few duds, but every good show gets them.

Anyways, thank you Lauren. :)
AllAboutThatBase Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3D4D Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Where is Marble and Limestone Pie? We've been waiting three seasons as they returned, and we have not heard from them or their parents. We want to return now.
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