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Submitted on
April 20, 2013


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**UPDATE 4/28 -- We have reached TANK TIER!!!! TANK TIER has been achieved!!! Thanks so much you all --- onward to OWLOWICIOUS!!!

CAN'T DONATE?? You can still help! JUST CLICK "LIKE" ON OUR INDIEDGOGO PAGE! The more activity our campaign gets, the better chance we have of being featured on the front page. If that happens, we'll have far more exposure to new people than ever before. Just a simple click could help us raise more to help the animals and get us closer to naming the animals, and to a party with me and Tara. **

**UPDATE 4/25 -- we have just $3300 to go before we name an amazing, enormous Salcuta Tortoise TANK!

**UPDATE! 4/21 -- We have reached ANGEL TIER! Repeat: We have reached ANGEL TIER! You guys seriously rock! Onward to TANK!!!**

...because it could happen!

My friends at the Wildlife Learning Center are fast approaching the deadline on their Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to care for the dozens of wild animals they provide a home for. So far, we've raised just over $6,000 of our $48,000 goal---- and most of it has come from the (not unexpected) generosity of people in the brony community.

Though we appreciate the money raised so far, it's not nearly enough for the special care these animals need. So, because I've told Wildlife Learning Center of the amazing generosity of bronies (Rarity would be proud!), Wildlife Learning Center would like to reach out directly to the brony community with some VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU INCENTIVES in addition to the great incentives from the Indiegogo site!

With each $10,000 increment reached, WLC has agreed to name one of their animals as a PONY PET and have their names proudly displayed in front of their enclosures.... permanently!

At $10,000, they'll name one of their bunnies, ANGEL! (very first sketch of Angel, BTW...)

At $20,000, they'll name one of the Sulcatta Tortoises, TANK!

At $30,000, they'll name a great horned owl, OWLOWICIOUS!

At $40,000, they'll name one of their alligators, GUMMY! (very first sketch of Gummy, as well, BTW...)

And finally, if the entire goal of $48,000 is reached, WLC would like to host a THANK YOU BRONIES PARTY
at the center, in Sylmar Ca! Not only will bronies be able to meet the newly named creatures, but the always-amazing and oh-so generous TARA STRONG!!!

(oh... and I'll be there, too.)

Many of you have already donated (thank you!) and many of you just cannot. But you can help get these little critters named and have a cute animal party with me and Tara by helping spread the word to other bronies. Any little bit of cash or personal publicity to the brony community will really help.

For more info about The Wildlife Learning Center, their amazing animals and their Indiegogo campaign to raise badly needed funds, please take a look at this previous journal entry.


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Kermityay  Woop! I hope they reach their goal!
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must.......get to............california:D
alycat3 Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Student General Artist
How long will this last and if we meet the goal, when's the party?
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